Are you ready to learn about repairs, maintenance, and changes to the common elements?

The Act differentiates between “maintain”, “repair” and “repair after damage”. This course will explain the differences and the importance of each of these ideas. Both professionally managed and self-managed condominium corporations have an obligation to ensure that the condominium is maintained. This course will also discuss obligations when changes are made to the common elements; by the corporation or by the unit owners.

This course is essential in understanding if the responsibility for maintenance lies with the unit owner or the condominium corporation, since the responsibility can vary from condominium to condominium, depending on their declaration.

About the course

In this course, participants will learn about repair and maintenance obligations to the common elements, the standard unit and to improvements. They will also learn the very specific requirements of Section 97 and of the Condominium Act, pertaining to changes made to the common elements.



What are the 

Learning Outcomes?

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