Enforcing the rules is no fun - but it matters!

This course looks at the fundamentals of enforcement in condominium communities. It will review the legal framework that governs condominium corporations, and within which owners, occupants, directors, managers, and condominiums must operate. The course will review the practical considerations of compliance issues and preparing for the need to enforce, and finally will outline the various legal processes that are available to condominium corporations when enforcement is required.

About the course

In this course, the participant will be introduced to: the legal framework of enforcement, including the Act, condo declaration, by-laws, and rules; dangerous conditions and nuisances; statutory provisions for tenancy and tenants, including the Residential Tenancies Act; Standard Unit and Standard Occupancy by-laws; sources and mechanisms of enforcement; remedies, liability, and indemnity; Papering the File; chargebacks, liens, and removal; Human Rights considerations; mediation and arbitration; and compliance orders.



What are the 

Learning Outcomes?

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